6 Best Balcony Tables To Save Space

If you are always looking for a place to put your food, laptop or drinks you might need a balcony table. But be careful, if you buy a regular table it might take up so much of your usable space that you can barely move around. I was struggling with this problem so I looked all over the internet to find the best solution. Here I will share some of the smartest tables that you can put on your balcony without sacrificing too much space. Hopefully you’ll get inspired too!

1. A balcony bar on top of your railing

A balcony bar is a table that is placed over the railing. This is a great way to increase the usable space of your balcony. Is it allowed to hang items over the edge in your building? If so, great that’s a lot of free extra space you can use! Don’t worry if you can’t, there are also balcony tables that stay on the inside later in this post. 

The balcony bar is perfect when you don’t have much floor space to use. By placing a tabletop on the railing you create a bar which is the perfect place for your drinks. If this solution is for you check out these websites.

BalkonBar is an Amsterdam based company that specializes in these types of tables. They have a solution for almost every railing and some neat colors to choose from.

2. Customized table top balcony bar

This railing table is perfect if you want to customize your look. The tabletop is not included which means you have to add your own. I understand this is not perfect for everyone but it could be perfect for some of you.




3. Self made balcony bar

Are you convinced the balcony bar design is perfect for your balcony but can’t find the design you like? Consider making it yourself. With some wood, wood glue and screws you can quite easily assemble one yourself. This video from BuildersSA shows you how to do it.

4. This hanging table

This stylish hanging table is a great balcony solution. It takes up more floor space than the balcony bar but it definitely has some advantages too. With a hanging table you can be sure nothing will fall off your railing. Also, it is lower so that you can easily reach it if you’re sitting in a chair, which to be honest, is way more relaxing than standing.

4. The Australian hanging table

Don’t worry, this table is not up side down, nor are there any hidden kangaroos. This high quality hanging table is simply made in Australia. They call it the breakfast bar. There are some variations so if you like their style be sure to check out their website.

5. Balcony desk with planter

German designer Michael Hilgers created this brilliant balcony desk called Balkonzept, which you can simply hook onto the railing. The top can be filled with anything. Think of flowers and herbs, or maybe full of ice cubes to keep your drinks cold. 

6. The folding table

This table can fold down to create more space. It fits nicely on petite spaces and it’s foldability means it will never be in the way.